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William Kempster
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What is echoraleditions?

echoraleditions is a website that brings together modern editions of Public Domain choral music from the Renaissance to now.
With the exception of the works of Pierre de la Rue, these editions are provided free.
(For the 'complete' works of la Rue, please navigate to:
These editions have been prepared by for choirs William Kempster has conducted over the past 30 years.

Editions are listed by composer within each of the historical periods linked at the top.
All scores are provided with a link, which - unless specified otherwise - will take you to a recording conducted by William Kempster, either available via various of the well-known streaming sites or as an mp3.

You are free to make unlimited copies of any of these scores, including arrangements
and original works by living composers that would normally be copyrighted.

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Dr. William Kempster

Is an Australian/American conductor, writer, composer, and musicologist based in Southern Colorado, U.S.A. and central France. Dr. Kempster holds a Doctor of Music degree in Choral Conducting from the University of Alberta, Canada. Over the last 30 years or so, William has prepared more than 1,000 editions of choral music covering the early Renaissance to modern times, and has directed over 1,000 concerts in 11 countries. This website aims to make many of these performing editions available to choirs, singers, and directors everywhere.
Please acknowledge in your programming. Dr Kempster may be contacted at this address:

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How the site works

Clicking on any title will open the full score in a new window, after which it can be download to your local device. Where a performance directed by William Kempster is available on the various streaming services, a link/s under the name/names of such services is/are provided. Not all sites are necessarily listed, but hopefully there will be sufficient to match your requirements. In almost all other cases an mp3 audio file of an actual performance will be linked (in red) to specific titles. Most of these recordings have been sourced from William's 19 published Compact Disc recordings/albums (see below), but there are also numerous live concert recordings. In a very few explicitly acknowledged cases, a link to a different recording unassociated with this site has been supplied.
In the very specific case of the music of Australian composer Ross Edwards, actual scores are not available here, but links to resources where these scores can be aquired are provided, as well as to recordings of numerous of these works conducted by Dr. Kempster.

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All of the scores here have been formatted to optimize printing on US Letter paper as well as metric A4 paper.
This is not a perfect solution, but it is better than making two versions of every file.
The formatting assumes back-to-back printing, and allows for a wider margin on the left-hand side of the page
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Following is a list of the 19 professionally-produced Compact Disc/Album recordings published by William Kempster.
The mp3 audio files on this site - available for complete free download - are mainly sourced from these.
All of these recordings are available at full audio resolution (44.1khz/16-bit at least) on request.
Some of these albums are available via the various streaming services, and where that is the case, the links will take you
either directly to the recording of that track, or, in some cases to that album's page.
These streaming audio files are mostly FLAC (compressed 44.1khz/16-bit).

Miniature Masterpieces: Ensemble de la Rue Live in Concert
Ensemble de la Rue: WKR0924   
Byrd/Britten/Dallapiccola/Pizzetti/Zuccante: 2024

John Taverner (c.1490 - 1545): Mater Christi
Ensemble de la Rue: WKR0824   
John Taverner: 2024

A Touch of the Irish
Ensemble de la Rue: WKR0724   
Alexander Agricola/Pierre de la Rue/Clemens non Papa/Clare Maclean/Nicholas Maw/Percy Grainger: 2024

Poulenc: Mass in G and 4 Christmas Motets
Ensemble de la Rue: WKR0624   
Francis Poulenc: 2024

There and Back Again: Choral classics over five centuries
UNH Chamber Singers (and Concert Choir): WKR0524   
Graham Howard/Morten Lauridsen/Clare Maclean/William Kempster/Gerald Finzi/Pierre de la Rue: 2024


A Singular Voice: Kempster conducts Ross Edwards
UNH Chamber Singers: WKR0424   
Ross Edwards: 2024


Erratum et complementum
Various artists: WKR0624   
Ockeghem, la Rue, Gesualdo, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin (Arlene Kies, piano), Vaughan Williams, Maclean
and Kempster: 2024


A Grainger Sandwich (Fully Loaded)
Various artists: WKR0324   
Grainger, Ravel, Szymanowski, Wesley-Smith, Kempster, Clemens and la Rue: 2024


Charles Hubert Hastings Parry - Songs of Farewell
UNH Chamber Singers (live): WKR0224  
Parry: 2024


Pierre de la Rue - Missae
UNH Chamber Singers (live): WKR0124    
Pierre de la Rue: 2024


Renewals and Reincarnations
Cappella Nova Mundi: CNM Recordings    
Beethoven, Willaert and la Rue: 2023


J. S. Bach - Motetten
Ensemble de la Rue: EdlR 202001    
Bach (The Motets): 2020


Bavarian Connections
Ensemble de la Rue/UNH Chamber Singers: WK022019
            Taverner, Vaughan Williams, J.M. Bach, Edwards, Bernstein, Adams, and Byrd: 2019

Beacons of Renaissance Polyphony
Ensemble de la Rue: WK012019
Taverner, Josquin, la Rue: 2019


A Game of Thrones
SXSW Festival Ensemble: HBO/Giant Spoon SXSW2019
   Djawadi (arr. Kempster), and Josquin/Kempster: 2019

UNH Concert Choir: CK12018
             Grainger, Kempster, and Kies: 2018               

far beyond the stars
Cappella Nova Mundi: CNM0117
la Rue, Mendelssohn, Parry, Praetorius, and Victoria: 2017


Pourquoy non?
UNH Chamber Singers: UNHCS0516
Lauridsen, Kempster, and la Rue: 2016

First Impressions
UNH Concert Choir & Chamber Singers: UNHC0414
Bowen, Gurney, Bukvich, Edwards, Butterworth, Kempster, and Janáček: 2014

UNH Concert Choir & Chamber Singers: UNHC0311
Britten, Kies, Howard, Edwards, Maclean, Nielsen, and Rachmaninoff: 2011

Live 2001 - 2008
Ensemble de la Rue: EdlR200803
Bach, Elgar, Gesualdo, Verdi, and Monteverdi: 2008

UNH Chamber Singers & Symphony Orchestra: UNHCS0207
Kies, Grainger, Edwards, Raminsh, and Lauridsen: 2007

Memory Pieces
Ensemble de la Rue: EdlR 200501  
(reviewed in “Gramophone” June,2007)
Josquin, la Rue, Taverner, and Stephen Adams: 2005


The Cry
Ensemble de la Rue: EdlR 200101  
(reviewed in “Gramophone” August, 2002)
Nørgård, Rautavaara, la Rue, Clemens, Taverner, and Monteverdi: 2001


UNH Chamber Singers: UNHCS01
 Kies, Maclean, Edwards: 2001

Ensemble de la Rue: Arktos CD 20041
Ockeghem, la Rue, Josquin, Taverner, and Claire Maclean: 2000